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an inventory of publications in writing studies, including post-secondary composition, rhetoric, technical writing, ESL, and discourse analysis

Edited Series

For CompPile 1939-1999, Rich Haswell compiled a list of all of the major edited series in post-secondary composition, discourse-analysis, technical writing, and English as a second language. They are arranged by title of series and by publisher, with links to lists of the books in each series. Those lists of books in each series are relatively comprehensive through 1999 publication dates.  The lists extend partially past 1999, but they will not include books published after 2005 (nor are they inclusive from 2000-2005).


The original list is available here (opens in new browser window).


At this time, we have no plans to continue this kind of list.

Rich Haswell (bibliography 1939-1999)
Glenn Blalock (bibliography 2000-current & site)
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