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About the Glossary: CompPile uses a controlled vocabulary for its search terms. Most of its terms are intuitive but many are not. Some are abbreviations or acronyms. We use four fields for the glossary:

term The actual search term (in UPPERCASE) as used in CompPile. This field includes words and phrases (in lowercase) that might be expected to be in CompPile's Search Term field but have been excluded from it.

definition: Indicates the parameters of CompPile's search term, and sometimes suggests ways of entering it for the cleanest search. Also includes generic search terms that appear in other fields of CompPile's search engine (such as "doctoral thesis" or "review essay" in the Title field).

pot luck: Synonyms of CompPile's search term, or near synonyms. If you have tried a term or phrase in CompPile's Search Term field with no luck, try it here.

as distinct from: Search terms used in CompPile (in UPPERCASE) that are allied but distinct from the term in the first field. Major overlapping of terms are indicated

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