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an inventory of publications in writing studies, including post-secondary composition, rhetoric, technical writing, ESL, and discourse analysis


In July 2007, in response to a healthy conversation on WPA-L, CompPile launched CompReviews, a space and a process for reviewing new and recent books.  In July 2008, that review process is now available for any item available in CompPile's database.


To review any item in CompPile, search for the item and use the "review" link in the left column of the search results list.


To see newly and recently published books, follow the link on the right.  These lists also include "review" links in the left column. 


When you are viewing or adding a CompReview for a particular item, you will also see a list of any other CompReview for that item (if any).

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Glenn Blalock (bibliography 2000-current & site)
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