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Why Associates?

June 1, 2008


In May 2008, we celebrated CompPile's seventh birthday.  Since its first appearance in May 2001, with 17,000+ entries, it has grown to more than 94,000 entries, with comprehensive coverage of scholarship from 1939-1999 and since last year, with a commitment to extend and sustain that comprehensive coverage beyond 1999. 


One year ago, when we committed to extending CompPile coverage beyond 1999, we sent a call for volunteer bibliographers ("comppilers") to help us manage the volume of work we envision.  At that time, over 40 colleagues "adopted" journals, and in the past year, many of those volunteers have helped us add more than 9,000 items published since 1999.  For their contributions, we are grateful. 


However, attracting volunteers one-at-a-time has been challenging.  And the volume of relevant published scholarship increases steadily.  To be more intentional about increasing the number of "comppilers" who will help us expand and sustain CompPile, we are recruiting CompPile Associates. Ed Nagelhout and Susan Wolff Murphy are the first CompPile Associates, and we expect to add more Associates soon. 


If you are interested in being a CompPile Associate, please contact us.  If you are interested volunteering as a bibliographer, contact Glenn or a CompPile Associate.

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