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an inventory of publications in writing studies, including post-secondary composition, rhetoric, technical writing, ESL, and discourse analysis

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CompPile currently indexes 306 journals (July 2008).  You can view them in two ways:


CompPile  Associates are responsible for journals in one or more of the 19 "scholarly areas," ideally areas aligned with the Associate's interests and expertise. [June 2008] As you'll see, not all areas have Associates.  If you are interested in this role, see the further explanation and consider contacting us.


Volunteers who wish to adopt one or more journals can locate the journal(s) using one of the sorting methods above.  Each list of journals provides easy-to-follow instructions for volunteering.  You can also learn about other opportunities for volunteering @ CompPile, read the online Guide for Volunteers, or download the PDF version of the Volunteer Guide.


Follow the links below to explore journals in each of the areas.  The Associate's names lead to contact information.

  Scholarly Areas Used to Organize Journals CompPile Associates
1.0 Disciplinary center of English: National  
1.5 Disciplinary center of English: Regional  
2.0 Technical, professional Ed Nagelhout
3.0 Marginal groups: Basic writing, writing center, minority Susan Murphy
3.5 Marginal groups: Disabilities  
4.0 ESL  
5.0 Discourse analysis Susan Murphy
6.0 Rhetoric: Rhetorical analysis, history  
6.5 Rhetoric: Argumentation  
7.0 Computer / digital literacy / new media  
8.0 Literacy studies, reading, service learning, community literacy  
9.0 WAC, WiD, disciplinary discourse: Cross-disciplinary Ed Nagelhout
9.5 WAC, WiD, disciplinary discourse: Disciplinary Ed Nagelhout
10.0 Assessment  
11.0 Education and learning theory: Mainly primary and secondary  
11.5 Education and learning theory: Tertiary  
12.0 Research methodology  
13.0 Gender and women studies  
14.0 Communications  


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