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an inventory of publications in writing studies, including post-secondary composition, rhetoric, technical writing, ESL, and discourse analysis

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Although CompPile's coverage from 1939-1999 is amazingly comprehensive, the coverage for 2000-current is not. And we continue to find items from 1939-1999 that need to be included.


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(We continue to seek volunteers to adopt a journal or publisher, too.)


Please follow the guidelines below and in the form. We will check each entry before it appears in CompPile, so if you are unsure of format or information, don't worry about making a mistake. If you have questions, contact us <comppile@gmail.com>.


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    • dissertation / thesis: Author, Title, Date (that the degree was earned), Book, Keywords                                                                        
  • CompPile uses a unique (and consistent) format (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) for entries, to ensure most productive search results. Please follow the example in the field and erase the example before submitting. If not sufficient, check comparable entries in CompPile’s database.
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