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EServer EServer Rhetoric Community's wikipage, for specialized bibliographies [ongoing] [Link] online bibliography, specialized This website was first created in 1994, built to serve as a central location to link to the diverse online materials available on the Internet. At that time, web portals did not yet exist. What rhetoric and composition pages on the Web did exist were heavily colored by the perspectives of their host institutions. This site hoped to publish what resources it could, and to link to all, serving as a central "map" to the rest. Even so, many people referred to it as the "CMU Rhetoric" website (because it was physically located at Carnegie Mellon University); some people refer to it that way to this day, even though the site has physically moved to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. And today, of course, there are far more resources online than we could index adequately with a single online editor--even if s/he wrote HTML day and night. So this website is today based on a modern content management system, one that allows volunteers, reviewers and editors to collaborate to post new materials, and to link to the complex web of online resources located across the Internet that comprise the complex network of rhetoric resources online. [EServer Rhetoric and Composition]
EServer EServer TC Library: A cooperative library for tech communicators [ongoing] [Link] online bibliography The EServer Technical Communication Library is a free, open-access index of works available online for professional, scientific and technical communicators (such as technical writers). We index a wide range of online resources- from articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, to papers published by professional societies, presentations and advice to those new to the field, and even some well-written blogs and podcasts. Our goal is to provide tech comm practitioners, students, teachers and managers a comprehensive single location from which to access the complete body of knowledge in our field. [EServer TC]
Modern Language Association MLA International Bibliography [ongoing] [Link] online bibliography Requires subscription. In 2000 the CCCC made the MLA International their official bibliographic site, although it is devoted primarily to scholarship of literature and languages.
ERIC ERIC Education Resources Information Center [ongoing] [Link] online bibliography, resources This open-access search engine provides entry to ERIC's huge bibliography of journal articles (EJ numbers) and database of microfilm publications (ED numbers). Currently, many of the ERIC abstracts of the microfilm pieces are now available on the internet and can be readily accessed using the ED number in standard search engines. ERIC is in the process of making full-text files of these pieces also free for the downloading.
Howard, Rebecca Moore Rebecca Moore Howard's Bibliographies for Composition and Rhetoric [ongoing] [Link] online bibliography Over 250 bibliographies arranged by topic, such as 'agency,' 'ability grouping,' 'grading,' 'research method,' 'wikis.' For years I've been compiling bibliographies on topics that interest me. I have hundreds of them. I share them with graduate students, and as I kept sending out the same bibliographies as email attachments, I finally decided just to put them online. The list of online bibliographies keeps growing, as I find time and inclination to convert word processed bibliographies to html. [Rebecca Moore Howard]
IEEE IEEE Xplore [ongoing] [Link] online bibliography For technical writing, it is comparable to the MLA International. It requires subscription. Says it searches for 1,828,380 documents online.
Honeycutt, Lee Lee Honeycutt's Bibliography of Aristotle's Rhetoric 2007 [Link] online bibliography This ongoing bibliography has over 150 citations of scholarship on Aristotle's Rhetoric. The page also links to a very thorough synopsis of The Rhetoric, section by section.
Adler-Kassner, Linda; Gregory Glau Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Basic Writing, Second Edition 2005 [Link] online bibliography This second edition of the Bibliography, which marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Conference on Basic Writing, continues to serve as a resource for those participating in conversations about basic writing and students in basic writing classes. But this edition of the Bibliography is also an artifact, a body of scholarship that provides the basic writing community with an opportunity to reflect on its history and the narratives about basic writing that have emerged over the past decades. By exploring basic writing's past and present, we hope to better understand the questions and issues that will shape the field in the years to come. [Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Basic Writing]
Taylor, Todd The CCCC Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric 1984-1999 2002 [Link] online bibliography This online, searchable bibliography contains all the entries in the print volumes: 1984-1990 edited by Erika Lindemann; 1991-1994 edited by Gail Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe; 1995-1997 edited by Gail Stygall. It also has a scattering of citations from 1998-1999. The one-sentence synopses of items forms part of this database and is also searchable.
Honeycutt, Lee Composition & Rhetoric Bibliographic Database 2001 [Link] online bibliography, database Lee Honeycutt stoped adding records to this database of composition-studies scholarship in 2000. It covers selected edited collections of essays and ten journals: College Composition and Communication (1980-2000), Computers and Composition, JAC, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Pre/Text, Research in the Teaching of English (1980-2000), Rhetoric Review, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Writing Program Administration, Written Communication. The database was incorporated into CompPile in 2000.
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